Kuusiniemi was 13th and 15th in Zandvoort

The ADAC TCR series continued after a two-week break in the Netherlands on the Zandvoort track. Positione Motorsport Jussi Kuusiniemi arrived at Zandvoort with 36 points. Kuusiniemi has been collecting steadily during the season, with the exception of Redbull Ring’s competition, which suffered from two interruption.

In the Netherlands, on Friday, free practice sessions, the driver of Positione Motorsport drove for the 13th and 17th. Unlike a slightly normal schedule, the Zandvoort qualifying was run on Saturday morning and from there the finnish drove to the 18. place.

On Saturday evening, the first race was run, and when the Dominic Fugel get penalty, Kuusiniemi rose one place in the starting grid. The driver of Positione Motorsport managed to climb to the 13th place during the first few rounds and was still in the final rounds for a tough battle for the top ten. However, the finnish was no longer able to overtake and in the finnish he was 13.

On Sunday morning a second race took place and this time Fugel had already been punished and Kuusiniemi started the race from the starting place 18. This time, the young man succeeded in the first rounds to raise himself to 16. Next, Kuusiniemi ran a fierce competition with another Finnish Niko Kankkunen. The battle finally turned to Kuusiniemi’s victory when Kankkunen started to pick up Florian Thomas’s forefinger in the last corner and drifted wide from the runway. Thus, the driver of Positione Motorsport succeeded in putting the finish on 15th.

Of the other Finns, Antti Buri drove nicely for two and eight, Niko Kankkunen placed ten and 16. The German ADAC TCR series continues three weeks on the Sachsenring track.