ADAC TCR series continued in Nürburgring

The fourth race in the German ADAC TCR series of racing cars was competing this weekend on the Nürburgring track. Positione Motorsport Jussi Kuusiniemi has been in the series for the entire season and was ranked 21th after the Nürburgring race.

On Friday, free practice sessions, Kuusiniemi booked for himself on the 11th and 18th and on Friday evening qualifying, he was 16th. On Saturday first race, Positione Motorsport driver managed to improve his position during the first few rounds and rose to 13th. In the heat weather of Germany, however, the Kuusiniemi brakes began to soften, and finnish was lost some positions. In finish line he was 17th.

On Sunday afternoon, a second race was thrown on which Kuusiniemi started on Saturday at the start of the 16th round. This time the race start and the first rounds did not go in the best possible way, and he dropped down a few positions. Kuusiniemi get some problems when his wheel broken, which was wound up in the first rounds of the battle with Austria’s Simon Reicher. The race was finally interrupted with a red flag a few laps before the end because there was one big crash.

Of the other Finns, Antti Buri drove on the 8th and 12th, Olli Kangas drove 18th and 17th and Niko Kankkunen 23rd and 20th. Next, the ADAC TCR series will compete in two weeks in the Netherlands on the Zandvoort track.