Kuusiniemi was 13th and 15th in Zandvoort

The ADAC TCR series continued after a two-week break in the Netherlands on the Zandvoort track. Positione Motorsport Jussi Kuusiniemi arrived at Zandvoort with 36 points. Kuusiniemi has been collecting steadily during the season, with the exception of Redbull Ring’s competition, which suffered from two interruption. In the Netherlands, on Friday, free practice sessions, the […]

ADAC TCR series continued in Nürburgring

The fourth race in the German ADAC TCR series of racing cars was competing this weekend on the Nürburgring track. Positione Motorsport Jussi Kuusiniemi has been in the series for the entire season and was ranked 21th after the Nürburgring race. On Friday, free practice sessions, Kuusiniemi booked for himself on the 11th and 18th […]